At the end of Daniel Binns lecture he posed the following prompts for us to write on.

Technological determinism is a valid way of looking at the world I will have to admit at this point that i did in fact miss the begning of the lectorial so i donot know what Technological Determinism is

 Humanity is in Charge of it own future

This prompt brings to mind the current argument about artificial intelligence. it seems that the great minds of our day and age such an Elon Musk and Steven Hawkings believe it is detrimental to our future. However, i personally dont see how it is posible for a machine to take over when it has been programmed by humans. I believe that if it is possible that they will indeed become intelligent i believe that computers need moral education. Yes ok, sounds crazy. But think about it, if the machines grow up with a moral compass they will have no interest in overthrowing their parents, much like children. The issue here is the teen years when they think that they know better.

Just a few thoughts.



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