If this was a fishing trip, then this curation post would be the final throw of the net.

The following five posts have been hand-picked by me to outline some of the key learning moments from the course, I have also added an annotation to explain why I made each particular choice.


1. “Goals and Keeping Score” – This was from the first Lectorial of the course, it outlined the goals for the end of the course as well as reflected on the reading and applying it to my own life



2. “Noticing Your Dreams” – My favourite¬†reading from the whole of Semester one is the Mason reading on Noticing, i found that this was applicable in my life and it was something which i often thought about.



3. “Detachment from Creation” – Reflection on the lectorial Paul Ritchard gave on serendipity. Caused me to ponder my own creative process



4. “Audio Recorda” – Thoughts about the nature of life, and equipment we use to capture it. Results of the Workshop on Audio Recording



5. “Ageing Media Data” – Response to the Lectorial where Brian Morris spoke about media consumption and the ways in which it is now accessed.



Looking at the posts i have selected, i realised that my best posts have been those that resonated with me, or spoke to a personal concern. I am quite thankful that this is the case as i often find it difficult to engage when there is no vested interest.

Finally, the learning graph for the semester has been attached below.

IMG_20150525_130030 copy


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