I know what you are thinking – Why is the title of this post “Summertime” – ITS FREEZING IN MELBOURNE!

… I agree…

But i was lucky enough to be overseas for the last six weeks. Long story short my parents live in the Czech Republic, this meant that i went to visit them in June. So while everybody in Melbourne was freezing – i was in 36 degree heat trying to stay cool. At the end of my stay i was asked to help mentor the Transformation for Peace (TFP) program. Ive been involved with this program for the past 4 years and was super excited about helping, even if it meant missing uni… Ooops. The program lasted 10 days, during which 86 Junior youth between the ages of 11 and 16 from all over the world came together to deepen themselves on making positive change.



I personally was involved with the “Stop-Motion” program, where the youth put together this small clip and then presented it at the end of the week to their parents.

Here is the clip:


The idea was to explore our control over our gifts and talents. In the clip the man who is able to control clothes looses control and decides to use his powers for evil and not good. Where in reality this is a choice.



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