Today was the final tutorial of the week and it was mainly dedicated to editing Project Brief 2. While this was in progress the class consulted about which programs for editing we would like to learn. It seemed that the majority of interest was in learning Adobe Audition for sound editing. I personally have worked with Audition for most of my recent video projects, and thus have a working knowledge of its features, hopefully this will be useful in helping the class also learn.

The actual headway on project brief 2 was quite minimal. My laptop was freezing and was unable to properly render video. I had shot all my footage for PB2 the day previously, and was forced to work with a Nikon Camera. This in itself was an interesting experience, since i am only familiar with the operation of Canons. However, it can be seen as an opportunity, this is how i looked at it… and now… I can sorta use a Nikon!

Here is a picture of me taking a selfie with a 14mm Lens!


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