After going to class today and presenting my work I received the feedback that my planned sound was “dinky”. It seems that the quantised piano arpeggio comes off as too constructed. Robbie requested that instead i used sounds which i myself have recorded. I did a test by using a custom synth to sample sounds in place of the piano notes. However this also sounded quite constructed and i was encouraged to reconsider. Eventually i decided to use the sounds of traffic signals. A few weeks ago i was walking through the city at night and i reached an intersection that had no traffic but had 10 different crossing signs. As i stood there i was able to hear them all ticking independently, noticing that they all had different timbres and frequencies. I found this quite fascinating.

I still wanted to use the sounds to build a chord as I want to utilise all 3 channels on the Signal Soundwalk. My basic idea will be that the sounds start of seperate and then all come in together at the end of the piece.

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