This evening we finally saw it all come together, we all gathered at Signal for the first test run. At this point my job on the tech team was basically finished, other than looking out for hiccups in the final video there was nothing more I could do. Instead I sat back and said… “Ahhhh, Wonderf- Wait. Why isnt that screen working!”

Luckily for me, that was not my problem, and the Signal Techs soon sorted out the issue and our work looked great!

A few people commented that their sequences were too bright and requested that the exposure be brought down. Additionally, the black spaces between each clip will be removed. This is something Dusty and I will have to do tomorrow… For now… Night Night and good work.


Update – 28th of October

Dusty went ahead with Rob and adjusted all the exposures and removed the blanks… Looks like I got out of that one!

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