Terrible title – Yep. I know. But this song was stuck in my head today because Georgia Fields came in for her second visit to our class. To give us a chance to actually get hands on experience with cameras and experiment with live shooting, Georgia played a set of about 5 songs for us, and we filmed the action.

One song which particularly stood out was this one, which I managed to find another copy of on youtube:

Quite a deceptively cute song with a nice little sting…

And here is actual footage from the class:

Due to the fact that I was already quite familiar with camera operation, I was sent into the lighting booth on this particular occasion. This meant communicating via telephone with the people in the studio and adjusting the lights as per their instruction. I enjoyed this as I was quite unfamiliar with lights, and i got to learn quite a bit about the ins and outs of the control room…

Overall, the day was quite successful, as everbody gained practical learning and got to listen to great music!

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