Rough Cut time,

Over the past few days our group has been working to piece together a rough cut of our music video – one which we screened in class today. Its what we like to call a bolted together version, its basically all of the shots in some type of order, that give a good indication of what the final project will look like, here it is:

Most of the feedback was positive, however there were a few pointers:

– The cinderella trying on all different shoes scene goes for too long

– It seems repetitive with every princess going through the same order of shots every time we meet a new character.

– The Disney Princess thing kinda got lost with our choices of costuming and non-specific casting.

To remedy this it seems that the best thing to do would be:

– Tighter editing of the storyline

– Detach from the original idea and just roll with the characters as characters and not princesses.

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