So a few things have become evident to me throughout the editing process for our Music Video. Especially as the camera operator for the shoot. Firstly, something which I learnt on the shoot day – ALWAYS have multiple memory cards, and do data dumps even if you don’t need to. We ran out of space on the shoot day, and this was after having somebody standing by with a laptop all day in case we needed to do a file dump. However, we didn’t NEED one and so we didn’t. But of course as soon as that person left the card filled up as we were getting crucial shots. This lead to me deleting a few of our extra shots, which ended up being necessary in post. WHAT WE LEARN.

Secondly, make a better shot list. Our shot list was very rudimentary, I was impatient when I had constructed it and due to time constraints on the day I hardly looked at it. This meant that we missed a very important establishing shot (Elvis approaching Rapunzel). Especially since we did so many repetitive scenes on the day, it felt like we were getting everything, and I didn’t notice when we missed it. Next time, have somebody ticking the shot list and make it more detailed. WHAT WE LEARN.

Lastly, allow for the action to run from slightly before to slightly after the shot you need. In a few instances we started looking for a specific action from another angle. But often I had stopped the camera too early or started to late, or simply not even have asked for the entire action to be carried out. This would have been handy later when the original angle planned for a scene did not end up being the most flattering. Let the action play out. WHAT WE LEARN.

Overall, I would like to say that I learnt a lot from the shoot of this music video. And next time ill try and come better prepared.

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