This weeks reading was focused around a very interesting topic; namely the representation of women in music videos. Both readings were excerpts fromMusic Video and the Politics of Representation (2007) by Diane Railton and Paul Watson”. The first section was a study on Pinks “Stupid Girl” music video. The video aims to challenge many of the ‘Paris Hilton’ stereotypes of womens beauty and image. However, the discussion was if it was fair to both sexes or simply urged women to be more masculine. Personally, I have strong beliefs in the equality of men and women, thus this video was intriguing for me. Although it did challenge the image of women, it did little to provide an image for what a strong woman could be. In a way it was a critique without presenting a solution and therefore should not be taken too literally as a feminism text, and more of a satirical remark. 

The second reading was where most of my interest was sparked, the treatment of Black vs White women in music video. It compared the representation of Kylie Minogue in ‘Cant Get You Out of My Head’ versus Beyonce in ‘Baby Boy’ – and the results were shocking! I had not realized up until this point that black women are represented in a much more degrading way than white women. The reading suggested that they are portrayed as more ‘animalistic’ and ‘available’, where as white women are ‘untouchable’ and ‘idolized’. After this was brought to my attention I started to notice how often it happens, for example with Niki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’.

It simply has given me headspace to be more conscious of how i portray women when i make my own music videos, and be more critical about the music videos i watch.

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