I must say this year got off to an interesting start, Instead of going to the first day of Uni, I stayed at home and had a colonoscopy. Whaaat. Yep. a colonoscopy, and if you want proof, you can click right here for pics.  Luckily my recovery time was swift and I was able to attend the first session of “The Digital Director with Mark Poole”. This is the studio I have selected for this semester, and to be honest I selected it so long ago I have forgotten what I signed up for. Heres what I gathered:

  • We will be talking about drones a lot
  • We are looking at the way technology has changed the way we make films
    • ie. Gimbals, Drones, Internet, Smaller cameras, Cheaper cameras

These are the two most important points… As for now however, it seems like this semester will be fairly flexible, we will be directing our research into areas that we personally find interesting. This should be a productive experience.

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