This week we started looking at hypermedia and hypertext. Firstly to define these terms, for those of you less inclined to be NERDS. Jks. Hypertext is basically the little blue links you see all over the internet. Its linking a whole heap of ideas, or pages together to create a whole piece. Hypermedia is an extension of hypertext, its when you put together more than simply text, but you link in videos and images and sounds, basically other media, through embedding.

One thing which caught my attention was the suggestion that this is a fragmented approach, however I disagree. Perhaps it is essentially a generation gap or difference in perspective, but i believe the bring together of lots of mediums to create something is actually more wholesome than having a singular source. Hypertext can be likened to references in an essay, you are using all the sources to come together to make a seasoned whole. Having the sources kept separately is compartmentalized and dichotomized.

The hypermedia experience seems reminiscent of the ‘Google now’ protocols, this is a software that runs on my phone, it reads my calendar, emails, searches and location and puts together a curated field of information which is basically a field of hypermedia. Often it can appear creepy, but once you get used to it, it becomes amazing, because all your stuff is in one place. so overall I would like to say im a believer in Hypermedia being the way of the future and I cant wait to see where it takes us.

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