Today was an interesting day, I went in for a medical test, but it turned out that I had not followed the necessary pre-test procedure, so I really only missed class.

Meanwhile, back in the halls of RMIT, our next project was being discussed, groups were being assigned and destiny was being decided.

I got onto the writing team – what? Usually I’m on production or something, but suddenly this time I’ve been assigned to writing, looks like I wont have to touch a single camera! or edit a single timeline. This could work. At first I was slightly put out by the situation, but then I decided it was better, because I have been hoping to get into writing a bit more, and now I basically get to write a mocko. Mockumentary (gettit?)

I guess it makes sense why i’m on the writing team, as Dylan had mentioned the idea of a show to me earlier this week, it makes sense that he pushed for me to be on the writing team, because i kinda knew what he was envisioning, i guess hes going to be on the writing team as well… this should be fun!

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