Today during our class, we were throwing around ideas for the final project. It looks like what we want to do is crowdfund a little video series. We have not really decided yet if they are going to be posted on instagram, facebook or youtube, but we are in the mode of brainstorming.

We are disucssing potentially utilizing the new 1.5minute videos on instagram, making the videos on that, we are also trying to make something that people would watch and follow. So in considering this we needed to look at the audience. I think we mainly want to target uni students, and people of our own age group.

Dylan, pitched an interesting idea to me in the final breaths of the class, he suggested a very student focused mockumentary, about uni lyfe. Like silly things that happen at uni that would be relatable, or example being late for the train and having it delayed, then using talking heads to camera to make it funny. I think this would be fun, also considering that I have a background making youtube videos, I know this will be achievable. Maybe like a 15 second video for instagram, every week. That would be ideal.

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