Final Reflection on Project Brief 4


Finally, the envelope for Project Brief 4 has been and sealed, in other words, we have reached the end. There has been a lot of learning that has taken place over the course of the project, especially considering that it was a group effort, which means there’s always more than one perspective to take into account.

Luckily our group was very dynamic, everybody brought a specific skill forward which was vital in creating the final project. From the earliest meeting we all established that video production was our collective strength. Due to this we ended up creating a video product which was new and adventurous. Before I further elaborate on this; the collaborative contract needs to be mentioned. Throughout our first and second meetings we constructed a contract which outlined the role and responsibilities of all the group members, additionally there was a plan for conflict resolution. We were fortunate enough, as mentioned previously, to not need conflict resolution at any point. However the roles and responsibilities got us to think about how we would go about creating the video. This was very helpful in assisting the process of arranging the production timeline, we simply split up the work and consulted on when it was to be delivered, at the convenience of the person responsible.

This initial planning as well as the synergy between cooperative group members allowed us to easily create our meetup times for our soon to be ‘choose your own adventure’ video. The early meetings also gave us time to come to the same vision as to what the final product would look like, we all understood the basic concepts of using Youtube annotations and what was practically possible; yet another strength of all having a video production background among group members. This made the conceptualization and writing process a fluid process.

Due to the divided workload and the constructive collaboration the whole project was easily filmed within three main meetings. Once this was done the post production process began, we used Facebook as our communication platform, constantly sharing footage, suggestions and ideas, this meant that the final project was truly one born from group collaboration.

However, this post production stage is also where i believe there could have been improvements. Although we did decide on who would be doing the editing I believe the post production work load was not evenly distributed. It is arguable that certain group members did have more time to contribute to the project, so this was the way the work naturally distributed. The way it ended up being structured was that one group member mainly worked on the editing. The others provided feedback and helped with the paperwork and filming process. Although this might be unevenly weighted it sadly does make sense. Editing is a very personal process, often when too many people edit the same project there is a loss in consistency of style. Thus, in a way it was for the benefit of the final project that one person did the editing. It allowed for there to be a consistent tempo and visual feel to the work.

The final product created I believe did achieve the initial goal of the project. It provoked thoughts about the ways we use and notice media in our daily lives. Given more time the project could go into further detail and have more choices and commentaries, however, as a starting point it achieved its goal.

Overall, this project has been a very constructive group assignment. With contrast to other group work it was painless and efficient. I believe that the final product created will be well received and has created a platform for future development.


The Final Workshop!


The final workshop… its over. whaaat. That was quick.

We took the time in this class to reflect on the semester gone by.

We first mind mapped out everything we have covered or learned in the course. see below

IMG_20150525_143215 copy

We then completes the university course surveys as well as this learning graph

IMG_20150525_130030 copy

Everything IS Original


In this weeks lectorial we listened to some sick beats.

then – we discussed Navas’ remix theory which was also part of this weeks reading

The Activity was then to Write down as many samples we could identify from the “Girl Talk” “This is the Remix”
– I Want you back
– Party Up
– Beautiful Girls

Personally one of my favorite mashups is the Pop Danthology series by Daniel Kim


Finally, the Idea put forward by Dan was that no idea is truly original, however, I understand what he means in the sense that everybody gains inspiration from everybody else. Therefore following this logic no idea was ever original, this is due to the concept of understanding. When we understand things we build up a complex network in our mind of cause and effect. For example, if i touch fire i burn, therefore i learn that fire is dangerous. Later i might touch a heater and get burt, thus I learn that heat can be dangerous.

However, even if i was the first man on earth to conclude that heat was dangerous this idea would still not be ‘original’ because its constructed of pre-existing elements (No pun intended). Therefore, the statement that no idea is original is quite ambiguous. It seems to state that there is nothing which hasn’t been invented, where as it should be saying – everything is inspired and has originated from other things.



Workshop Week 11 – PB4 Feedback


Tyler Perry was unable to make it to class today because he got kicked off a plane. Long story short – he was flying in complimentary business class, and because of this he was the first asked to leave when the plane filled up and they needed more space. However the show must go on, we still presented our draft to the class. Here is the feedback received:

  • Feedback received: Desire for more narrative and character motivation. Suggested that music be add to the video and a concrete way to show time passing. A back button would help audience return to begining of the video and try other choices.
  • Issue is keeping the video neutral – perhaps have it weigh out the ups and downs equally across both streams.

Workshop 10 – PB4 Feedback


Once again we used the workshop time to review and discuss everybodys progress on Project Brief 4. It seems that the revisions on our concept went down well. Last week i mentioned that our artefact would be a ‘choose your own adventure’ video.  We decided that instead of having the video based around choosing the story we would use the choices just to hi light the fact that there is a decision being made. This was due to the feedback we received from the class, stating that we should not get too hung up on the story. The video will be structured around the idea of “Noticing Media” and will bookend with shots of a student in a classroom learning about media and presenting the findings, respectively.

We started building the decision map and presented the ideas to the class (attached below). They seemed to like the idea that in order to convey our research there would be an info button. This allows them to request further information if desired, but enjoy the adventure otherwise. Tomorrow we plan to film the first shots of the video.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 3.04.15 pm

Workshop 9 – PB4 Info


Todays tutorial was dedicated to workshopping our Project Brief 4. Firstly the whole class presented their concepts and artefacts concerning their topics and we shared ideas and feedback with each other. There seemed to be an interest in focusing more around the ways audiences interact with audiences. Also, there seems to be some interest around the ways the media actually effects the audience.

We have finally decided to put a voice overs into our final video presentation. We have decided to present “audiences” with a choose your own adventure video that focuses on how a person interacts with media. The outcome of the video will focus on the effects of media while the content of the video focusses on the way people interact with media.

At the current time we are still putting together a full map of what choices will be given to the audience throughout the video, and we are still refining our ideas on  how we will share our research


Procrastination Wishing I Was A Pro


I spent the day deciding that i would catch up on my blog posts. Its now 1:30am and this is the last one i need to write. Why am i still awake, well, the procrastinating i was doing got out of control. I ended up spending most of the day watching Ed Sheeran videos.

However, its not all in Vein, there is reflection to be done. For those of you who are not familiar with the personal story of Ed Sheeran, the man is an extremely hard worker. He spend many years living on friends couches and the streets of London trying to make a name for himself. He is the perfect example of making an effort to achieve your goals.

Ironic, considering I watched his videos all day to procrastinate.

Through my search of his life i realised that on his early album networking and collaboration was very important, and its one of the main things which helped him build a name for himself. For example, touring with Taylor Swift helped him “Break the States”. It makes me think about how important the upcoming collaborative projects are. At this stage of semester one coming onto week 9 all my assessments are group projects. I need to make use of my fellow classmates and collaborate with them to create the best work that can help us all progress with our endeavours.


Narratives and Barratives


Narratives and Barratives, most people would tell me, ‘Barrative’ is not a word! but let me tell you something, it is now. In our Week 8 lectorial we were told that Narrative is Basically Cause and Effect. Therefore if i want to change the first letter of Narrative to a B and make it Barrative, isn’t it effectively the cause of me wanting to rhyme effectively creating a new word? We were also showed this video called “We have Decided not to Die” we then were asked to discuss whether or not it was a narrative.  Here is a breakdown of my thoughts

How it is a Narrative:

Each scene follows a similar structure: no movment, crazy movment, deadly stunt. It has titles so that we follow a basic story.

How its not:

It does not seem to have much of a conclusion that ties it all together, this seems to leave it open ended, to me this is what really would have made it a narrative, a proper ending.

The reading for this week also outlined some good points, which might further support the idea that this is not in fact a narrative. For example Robert McKee says that a protagonist must have certain motivations and must use them to follow a certain structure of story or resolve a conflict. We briefly looked at this as well in the lectorial by graphing out the emotional intensity of common films such as Shrek and Frozen.

In this short the protagonist does not necessarily have any motivation, the only thing which might be relevant is that they “Have decided not to die” which is only evident because of the title itself, which is a grey area in terms of if we can rely on that to tell the story. There are brief ideas of conflict or narrative explored in this video, when we see a scene, for example the boy enters the building and takes the lift, but there is not a larger more encompassing narrative to tie the scenes together.


Overall, i believe that the short by Daniel Askill has lots of food for thought, and definitely challenges the grey areas around narrative.

McKee, Robert. (1997). ‘The substance of story.’ In Story: Style, Structure, Substance, and the Principles of Screenwriting. New York, USA: HarperCollins, pp. 135-154.

Workshop Week 7


During this workshop we were given our final assessment task, Project Brief 4. This is a group presentation – groan. Now i dont have anything against group presentations, however, in my personal experience this is often time that people slack off work and allow others to do most of the work – lets hope that this does not happen this time. We were numbered off into groups, to ensure that we got to work with people who we previously had not. The funny part is, that i had temporarily left my table of friends to deliver a message to the other side of the room, this resulted in me being numbered into a group with my friend Tyler, who I know quite well. Exxxcccellent.

We then got into our groups and started working on our collaborative contract, this took some time because we also needed to introduce ourselves to eachother.

The collaborative contract was interesting, because it required us to make a detailed outline of how we would go about this task. I have been privileged enough to work with groups before so I believe that i have a have a strong grasp on concepts such as consultation and conflict resolution. Nevertheless it was an interesting activity to put together a plan of collaboration, it somewhat ensures that everybody will pull their weight. Lets Hope

Workshop Week 8


For our workshop this week we met in our Groups for Project brief 4, Oh No. Tyler Perry was sick! For those of you who aren’t in with the ‘cool crowd’, let me explain. I call Tyler Foster, Tyler Perry… i dont know why, but its fun. He had been admitted to hospital the past week because of pneumonia, and was unable to attend class. No fear, the remainder of the group – Annick and I started our Brainstorm:

Jasmine (our tutor) gave us a big sheet of paper on which we started brainstorming about our topic:



We then started to narrow down the areas of “Audiences” in which we were interested. Considering that both Tyler and I have youtube channels and Annick had an interest for social media we decided to pursue something in the direction of Social Media, Interactive audiences and Youtube. This idea was very much in accordance with the ideology of our collaborative group contract. One of the terms was that our area of research will be one in which we have genuine interest.  The reason for this is that, often times for assignments, there is very little invested or personal interest from the participants, and this leads to lack-luster work. By choosing social media and youtube audiences, we intend to have a genuine interest in the topics.