Our Music Video: Stage 1

Music Video Production, RMIT Media Comms

For our main project we will have to find an artist, and make a music video with one of their songs. We have been put into groups, My own group is one comprising of 4 members:

  1. Jenny
  2. Maggie
  3. Bingbing
  4. Jordan

Initially we looked at a Melbourne Busker by the name of Kiwi Muzo. However, he did not have any original songs already recorded. Then Jenny found us contact to a Melbourne based artist called ‘Aivy’. Through a mutual friend she was able to contact Aivy and we soon found out that she had an Original song recently recorded and an interest in a music video being made. Here is the song:

We have not had a full group meeting on the concept but there is an idea that we have started to brew. The Vibe of the song is outdoor in a natural space and its quite playful. It is about infautiation, a shy girl who is  observing a boy from afar. To me this is the classic story of unrequited love or a crush. Here is an idea that was put forth:

Aivy in a field when she sees a boy with a big bunch of primary coloured helium balloons. He does not notice her, but she noticed him and follows him. You see her watching his interactions with other people, hes very charming and charismatic. Throughout the video the boy drops balloons (off screen, so the intention, whether accidental or not is kept a mystery) and Aivy follows and collects them. In some sense they are metaphorical for the qualities that she admires about him. As the video progresses she gets a larger and larger bunch of balloons, until in the end he sees her with a massive bunch and he has only a few left. At this point they start talking and the sun sets and its very playful.

Some ideas that have been discussed amongst the group also includes:

  • He could have ‘Elvis hair’ as this is mentioned in the song
  • As she walks through the trees she could struggle to stop the balloons from popping.
  • There is a drum that sounds like a popping sound, this could be used.

Anyway, the prospects here are quite exciting and I cant wait for the project to get underway in full force.



Great Belgian Egg Hunt

Music Video Production, RMIT Media Comms

Firstly, lemme just hit you with the same amount of context that I had:

– We will be making a Music Video. Here is something inspiring:

Oh Boi oh Boi oh Boi. What was that?  That  my friends was the work of a man by the name of Anton Corbijn, (prunounced like Corbi-jaan. However I am eternally convinced its Cor-Bidgin). I soon found out that we would be looking at a range of his work, allowing us to analyse different styles of music video.

Welcome to “The great Belgian Egg Hunt” the one and only Amazing Music video Summer Course at RMIT this year. Tutored by sir Rohan Spong the course is already destined to be entertaining, and frankly, quite realistic. Realistic meaning that the things we learn and discuss will not be theoretical and unattainable, instead we will be learning from each others  real world experience, of which Rohan has the most.

First session in we were asked to outline why we were there and what motivated us to do the course – good start, thus I will be sharing some of that here:

  • I wont lie, partially i wanted something to do during the summer so people didnt tell me to get a job
  • I am interested in music video making, its a quick and concise production, also it allows one to be abstract.
  • The practical aspect of the program interested me, I would get to work with people who really want to be there (I mean they are there during holidays!) And it being done in 6 weeks means theres no time to waste.
  • Brushing up on my own skills is always a positive. For example here is a music video which I directed in the past:


This video clearly lacks in a  storyline, and If i was to do it again there are a quite a few things I could NOW improve. Thus the best thing to do is continue making music videos and learning about my craft. This is what I hope to achieve during this course.