Wart a Strange Predicament


Its 11pm on a cold Melbourne night and I find myself on a rooftop balcony in my underwear… How?
Given that it is a full moon one could assume I am about to transform into a werewolf – but I would make a pretty wimpy werewolf. So I wasn’t invited to their party.

Well – let’s get some context…

After playing with probably the most enthusiastic dog in the universe; I find myself covered in 50 shades of Dog hair and drool. Shower time. I undress and grab my towel only to find the shower occupied by one of the other boys who I’m staying with. So naturally – I find a quiet place to wait and apply my wart medicine. Bedroom is out of the question as most people are already asleep, alas, I find myself on the balcony.
Using my phone as a flashlight I set up camp; lay down my towel and start applying the “wart-off” to the sole of my foot (way to much information). The plan seems pretty much flawless at this point. And it was – until I spilt the “wart-off” onto the white towel which now has suspicious looking brown dots on it.

So why am I telling you this? Good Question. Well I realized while sitting sitting on my stained towel how hilarious that little moment of my life was. How that situation, however strange or uncomfortable, was not bad.

I suppose life is full of moments like this, where perspective is the most important element. Seeing things in a positive way, a funny way, perhaps even with a childish spring. Learning to enjoy the bumps in the road that could have slowed us down – but instead became a jump…


This story is dedicated to Ciccio, for the constant cheer he brings to every story

Four Since the Fourth


Today I will be turning 4, as a 20 year old. I still find it hard to say it when people ask “how old are you” I give them that big round figure… “20 years” Which sounds like the amount of time your Grandfather worked in the air force…
Hahah yeah – I’m a big boy.
These were the thoughts I had as I sat in a tree… “Is a twenty year old man really meant to be climbing trees?”

I recall back to when I was 10 years old sitting on my bunk bed at bed time. (Half my life ago!!!) Between reading Harry Potter I had a little notebook where I wrote my theories to life. Life was simple back then. Solutions were simple…
And I thought to myself. Well. Wouldn’t the world be easier if we all simplified it like children. Well. That’s the plan. I remember writing that down in my little notebook. A point of reference for my future self “always think like a child”

Years after that I would look back on that and think… Well. Yes. But how. The world is not so simple. But the 10 year old me was not totally wrong…

A child can see things objectively. With humor. Take hurdles with a leap and lives untainted by negative influence such as prejudices. But what happens then? Well through their youth children start to see the sharper side of life… The one what if we are not careful tends to scratch us. Mindset changes and they can go astray… (This is different from going to straya). This time in their life has become known as the dreaded adolescence. And we have all heard about it – how the youth are going cray cray. But what to do?!? *sigh* *shrugs*

Well that’s where me sitting in the tree comes in. We teach them to climb. Metaphorically speaking… We need to help them rise above the sharpness of the world. Rise above the adolescent stigma and connotations that it involve.
How? Well… That’s what I’ve been doing this weekend… There’s a mystical force known as the “Junior Youth Empowerment Program”  which aims to morally educate and redirect the energy of youth during this complex and changing time in their life. The program provides youth with tools and understandings in which they can look at the world in a more positive light.

Suddenly – nek minnut. We have changed the dreaded adolescence into the most constructive time of their lives. Great success. Not forgetting that I’m still sitting in a tree – I’m there thinking about how I’m going to help with this process of educating the youth. This is where my study of media comes in – I’ve always loved the way in which media has a direct and powerful influence on its audiences. Like right now, all the media on the news just makes us think that its a hard knock life for us… Well I’m hoping that the media of the future changes all that…

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that we can’t simply think that the world is all terrible and there is no way to fix nuthing…
There’s a certain charm in the joyful and playful way children see the world. The trick is to look at everything childhood represents and never let that escape us. Always finding time to hug each other, play, tell jokes and leap hurdles. So what if you are 20, 50? Go climb a tree.

I guess its hard to swallow you think of all the things ahead of you… And all lifes responsibilities, but if u welcome that challenge with excitement you can then take it on. I mean… At the age of 20 you have already overcome the mountain of learning how to drive, getting a job and school…. Yeah sure – there’s a 13 year old genius millionaire kid who’s got a Ferrari and u don’t. But calm down and stop comparing yourself to others… Just hop in their Ferrari and have a laugh. (I’m not sire what that metaphor was meant to be)

Just go climb a tree… Or better still… Rise up.


Four of Three for Big Two O


It seems to be becoming a trend… every year on the third day of the Fast – I grow one year older.
My Birthday.

I have been searching for a Guitar, Since i have recently moved to Australia i dont have a guitar – and i love guitar. I had been looking in all sorts of music shops and pawn brokers to find the perfect guitar. I had thought i knew what i wanted but simply couldnt find anything which was exactly what i wanted for my price range.

Then this morning. on my Twentieth birthday – i found it. Bless Gumtree.com.au i found a listing for a Small Body Electric-Acoustic Cort in my area… Hopped on the bus without even confirming that i could rock up at the guys house. As my bus arrived at the stop he called me and said i could come and see him – excellent.

I was welcomed by a french couple who were moving back to the south of France – they were a musical Family with many instruments in the house and talent running Deep. (Thats why when i asked for the guitar he said “Which One”) I ended up spending 45 minutes with them – discussing life and music. Turns out that their son Matt Dadian has quite a successful music career being able to meet with Musicians such as Julian Lennon!

As for the guitar itself – it was perfect. And at more than10 years old it has characteristic scratches and a beautiful aged sound.

This serves as a quick moment to interject with a reflection. Its crazy how the internet is changing the face of media and performance. Today alone i was able to buy a guitar and hear the story of its original owner, all thanks to the internet. Youtube allowed me to then watch Matt Dadian become a performer and find a large fanbase. Considering that only now im starting my Media Course, Im excited to see how much further the internet goes in the next three years, and where it will take me.

All in All – my First Twentieth Birthday was a GREAT SUCCESS!


Shoutout to my Parents – YO WE MADE IT!

Testing out thr New Guitar! YAH boi!!! #Guitar #UptownFunk

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Goals and Keeping Score


Day Two of Uni – Yeah so we learning fast. Apparently its not a good idea to go all the way to the train station until AFTER you check your timetable. This way you can find out that you dont actually have a class… Otherwise you end up getting off at the next stop and walking back home for another two hours of sleep


I eventually tried again and went to my ‘Lectorial’ where we read an article about deep attention. The article was published in 2007 and it was referring to people who were 12 years old. which means that its basically now referring to us. It was comforting to know that the education system has realised that we are Hyper Attentive and it will no longer work to use a deep focus approach. Because it definetly feels that thats what the education system has been trying to make us conform to.

Furthermore it spoke about whether hyper or deep attention was better and which our generation preferred. I suppose at this point i was interested to  note procrastination. I thought about how people of my generation do like to procrastinate. The artile referred to how it was more efficient to do tasks back to back than to try and multitask and do them all at once. And i noticed that when i do multitask – tats actually how i facilitate my procrastination.

However, its also curious that i personally need my own moments of deep attention. for example when i was studying and doing my a levels i noticed that in order to actually work i would need o just focus on the task at hand.

So i suppose that I need to explore this further and really find out where my sweet spot is in terms of hyper vs deep attention.

For this course specifically this is going to be important – for example i think its necessary to mention i was quite relieved to find out that for Media 1 projects we actually had to CREATE media and that this was the preferred form of assessment – simply because essay writing is NOT my thing.

I also formed a list of my goals for later this course. which i have attached onto the bottom of this blog post – so check it. Yadig?

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 1.08.24 am

Two Firsts for Once


I woke at 6:35am – my Grandmother walked into my room and flicked on the lights. Blinding me. Nooo I wasnnnt Ready!!! . It was the First Day of the Baha’i Fast. I am a member of the Bahai faith, more information on this later. But basically this means that come March 2nd we start to observe our 19 day fast – abstaining from food and drink from Sunrise to Sunset.

I had my breakfast and instantly went back to bed. but not for long. Today was also the first day of University – What…
After graduating from highschool in June 2013 i was finally ready to pick the books back up… oh boi.
at 8:15 I hopped on the train and started my 1 hour journey into university – arriving just in time for my first ever University Class.
I soon realised that choosing this course was one of the best wind shifts of my life, This realisation came as we watched the Wizard of OZ at 9:30am on a Monday in a Cinema. This education – worth every penny.
My excitement was subdued by the 3rd song in the movie… WHY SO MANY SONGS BRO!

Once the class ended it was time to watch my friends eat their lunch…
Jks. They asked me what i planned to do for lunch – which is when i explained it was the first day of the Baha’i Fast, surprisingly they took the information very well, I had worried that they might think i was strange… but apparently i had nothing to be worried about… except not thinking about food.

Come time for the second lecture of the day i was excited to find i was in a class with people i knew! Wooohoo. We did introductions and i settled in for a great lesson.  This is when i got the news.
the. news. oh boi.

I was in the Wrong Class… NUUUUU
I was Exiled by Brian Morris… i sadly walked from the classroom leaving all my new best friends… “Bye my Friends!”
I found myself then in a new Class… new faces. Very few of Which i Recognised… well. New opportunities i guess…

Luckily they were all not scary, we introduced ourselves at the table… and together battled the excruciatingly slow wifi, and they helped me forget my hunger.

At the end of this class we were asked to complete a tech survey including what types of media equipment we were familiar with using. To my pleasant surprise I found that I had quite a bit of experience using the equipment that was listed on the survey; giving me a positive attitude towards the future of this course.


By the time i got home i was quite satisfied with the Best Double first day of my life and settled down to a fine bowl of chicken curry.


First Day of School! #NeverSayNever #TwoYearsLater #rmitmelbourne

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