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Since 2015, I have been collaborating as part of the team at 

Baha'i Blog is an individual initiative which aims to celebrate arts and media inspired by the teachings of the Baha'i Faith.

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Being part of the Baha'i Blog team means that I am constantly working on a number of projects.


This requires a cross disciplinary approach to media, and engaging with collaborators on a managerial level. Here are a few of our projects.


My first collaboration with Baha'i Blog was a five part comedy series called "What's That Word".

After initially pitching the idea, I went on to write, film, edit and produce a total of five episodes. 

What's That Word

WHAT IS AYYAM-I-HA? with Jordan Raj
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WHAT IS NAW-RUZ? with Jordan Raj
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WHAT IS RIDVAN? with Jordan Raj
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WHAT'S THAT WORD? | Episode 5
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Baha'i Blog's Studio Sessions is an initiative where we record musical performances of the Baha'i Writings. I have been involved in the project as both a producer and editor. For sessions recorded in Paris, Stockholm, London, Bristol, Tilburg and Hluboka nad Vltavou, I directed the artists and liaised with studio technicians, video crew and project managers.

In certain cases I was also required to operate the camera and edit the footage. I even have my own Studio Session.

Studio Sessions

"Arise" by Ethan Crofts was filmed in the Czech Republic. For this instalment of Studio Sessions we filmed over 10 songs, all of which I personally filmed. I produced these sessions, organised the artists, collaborated with the studio engineer, mixing technician and video editors.

For all the sessions produced in Sweden, I cooperated with one of my fellow European team members and underwent 2 months of pre and post production for a total of 19 tracks. The most exciting part of this project was working in a famous studio, owned by a member ABBA!

We recently celebrated the milestone of 200 Studio Sessions! If you would like to learn more, you can click here to read more about the project









Personal Reflections is a project in which photographers from all around the world capture peoples portraits and then share them coupled with an excerpt on how the Baha'i Faith has impacted their lives.

I was a both a photographer and collaborator for the project, providing over 100 photographs, recording interviews and following up with the participants.

Personal Reflections
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Part of our culture at Baha'i Blog is to constantly be in a mode of learning. We are always trying to explore new forms of content, and participate in a diversity of conversations. 

As a result of this, we endeavour to attend conferences, not only to learn more about our social reality, but also to share what we have learned.

Conferences & Talks

In 2018 I had the opportunity to do my own talk at a Baha'i Conference. Using my experience in creating "What's That Word", I shared a personal exploration of how comedy can relate to the Baha'i writings. Baha'i Blog was a major supporting element in the writing of the talk, and finally published it.

Not only do we share talks at conferences, we also provide media and production services to film and promote other speakers. If we still have spare time after that, you might catch us selling merchandise in order to fundraise for our other projects.

Baha'i Blog Selling Shirts at Conference


Coming soon.

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