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What is the GRATEFUL 2021 project?

WIth 2021 just beginning we are all hoping that it will be better than 2020. However, there are no promises; at the end of the day life will do what it wants. The only thing we can control is how we choose to look at it. Which is why I have decided to try and be GRATEFUL in 2021.

I created this line of sweaters and stickers to remind me of my New Year's resolution and to spread some positivity. Join me.

The whole story...

The earth will also be GRATEFUL...

All the sweaters used for this project were supplied by Neutral, because I want the earth to be GRATEFUL too.

Neutral® Logo+Certificates banner_Negati

Neutral® is premium quality apparel for men, women and kids, manufactured and certified according to the highest social, ethical and environmental standards in the world. Defined and monitored by external organizations, the certificates guarantee that every Neutral® product is made with true regards for people and planet. Coming with Certified Responsibility™ labeling and hangtags, Neutral® shows commitment. That way, you can share your inspirational stories with great impact on a T-shirt you need anyway.

You can learn more about Neutral by visiting their website

6 Grateful Stickers for Website.png

There's also stickers!

In addition to GRATEFUL 2021 sweaters, I also designed six different stickers that you can stick on things you are GRATEFUL for!

I tried to create a diverse range of designs, so that there is something for everybody. The stickers are now available for pre-order as a pack of 6.

Frequently asked questions:

When will I receive my order?​

As a small business I do all the shipping and packaging myself so order times will vary. However, you will receive an email notification at each stage of processing, so hopefully you will know when to expect your parcel. Please feel free to email me if you have any concerns.

What is the fit of the sweater?

You can find the size guide for the sweaters on the product page.

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