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Editing Tutorial at Signal Arts, Melbourne

This week is the last meeting at signal before our drafts are due, therefore we took the time do go over the technical aspects of the project. Due to my being on the Tech Team I was asked to run through the process of how to use the Signal Projector Screen Template in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Robbie is still away, which meant I had to discuss details with the signal staff myself. Im really glad that I had to engage with them because up until today I had not yet properly talked to them. I found that they were extremely helpful and quickly helped us with anything we needed. We were able to get a projector and a screen up an running to show the class the tutorial for Premiere pro. Upon the completion of the meeting I realised that it would probably need to post a video or at least a text summary of the tutorial as it was a lot of content in a short time. Other than that, the meeting was quite a success, with everybody learning a lot and having a good time.

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