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Fasting on My First Day of University

I woke at 6:35am – my Grandmother walked into my room and flicked on the lights. Blinding me. Nooo I wasnnnt Ready!!! . It was the First Day of the Baha’i Fast. I am a member of the Bahai faith, more information on this later. But basically this means that come March 2nd we start to observe our 19 day fast – abstaining from food and drink from Sunrise to Sunset.

I had my breakfast and instantly went back to bed. but not for long. Today was also the first day of University – What… After graduating from

in June 2013 i was finally ready to pick the books back up… oh boi. at 8:15 I hopped on the train and started my 1 hour journey into university – arriving just in time for my first ever University Class. I soon realised that choosing this course was one of the best wind shifts of my life, This realisation came as we watched the Wizard of OZ at 9:30am on a Monday in a Cinema. This education – worth every penny. My excitement was subdued by the 3rd song in the movie… WHY SO MANY SONGS BRO!

Once the class ended it was time to watch my friends eat their lunch… Jks. They asked me what i planned to do for lunch – which is when i explained it was the first day of the Baha’i Fast, surprisingly they took the information very well, I had worried that they might think i was strange… but apparently i had nothing to be worried about… except not thinking about food.

Come time for the second lecture of the day i was excited to find i was in a class with people i knew! Wooohoo. We did introductions and i settled in for a great lesson.  This is when i got the news. the. news. oh boi.

I was in the Wrong Class… NUUUUU I was Exiled by Brian Morris… i sadly walked from the classroom leaving all my new best friends… “Bye my Friends!” I found myself then in a new Class… new faces. Very few of Which i Recognised… well. New opportunities i guess…

Luckily they were all not scary, we introduced ourselves at the table… and together battled the excruciatingly slow wifi, and they helped me forget my hunger.

At the end of this class we were asked to complete a tech survey including what types of media equipment we were familiar with using. To my pleasant surprise I found that I had quite a bit of experience using the equipment that was listed on the survey; giving me a positive attitude towards the future of this course.


By the time i got home i was quite satisfied with the Best Double first day of my life and settled down to a fine bowl of chicken curry.

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