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Four of Three for Big Two O - I Made it to 20

It seems to be becoming a trend… every year on the third day of the Fast – I grow one year older. My Birthday.

I have been searching for a Guitar, Since i have recently moved to Australia i dont have a guitar – and i love guitar. I had been looking in all sorts of music shops and pawn brokers to find the perfect guitar. I had thought i knew what i wanted but simply couldnt find anything which was exactly what i wanted for my price range.

Then this morning. on my Twentieth birthday – i found it. Bless i found a listing for a Small Body Electric-Acoustic Cort in my area… Hopped on the bus without even confirming that i could rock up at the guys house. As my bus arrived at the stop he called me and said i could come and see him – excellent.

I was welcomed by a french couple who were moving back to the south of France – they were a musical Family with many instruments in the house and talent running Deep. (Thats why when i asked for the guitar he said “Which One”) I ended up spending 45 minutes with them – discussing life and music. Turns out that their son Matt Dadian has quite a successful music career being able to meet with Musicians such as Julian Lennon!

As for the guitar itself – it was perfect. And at more than10 years old it has characteristic scratches and a beautiful aged sound.

This serves as a quick moment to interject with a reflection. Its crazy how the internet is changing the face of media and performance. Today alone i was able to buy a guitar and hear the story of its original owner, all thanks to the internet. Youtube allowed me to then watch Matt Dadian become a performer and find a large fanbase. Considering that only now im starting my Media Course, Im excited to see how much further the internet goes in the next three years, and where it will take me.

All in All – my First Twentieth Birthday was a GREAT SUCCESS!

Shoutout to my Parents – YO WE MADE IT!

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