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I Met Baha'i Blog!

This week I met up with a man by the name of Naysan Naraqi, Naysan like me is a member of the Baha’i faith. We had only talked online and we met for the first time in real life and had lunch. Naysan besides having co-found his own company works for a company called Envato. Envato is is one of the internets largest online marketplaces for media resources, such as audio, templates and stock images. Naysan was telling me that he has a large collection of Mini DV tapes and Sony© Minidisk audio recordings of archival lectures and talks. He asked me if i would be able to help him digitise and archive them.

Soon, i had a large box of tapes and two Sony Minidisk players, i have not worked with analog technology before, and after working with the ZoomH2n earlier this week it was pretty crazy to see how far technology has come. Over the next few weeks i will spend time recording the audio off of these tapes and digitising all the content – the most tiring thing is that with analogue technology you have to wait for the actual time of the media has lapsed in order for it to copy.

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