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My Experience as an Animator at the Transformation for Peace Summer Programme

In this weeks lectorial we listened to some sick beats.

then – we discussed Navas’ remix theory which was also part of this weeks reading

The Activity was then to Write down as many samples we could identify from the “Girl Talk” “This is the Remix”

– ABC – I Want you back – Party Up – Beautiful Girls

Personally one of my favourite mashups is the Pop Danthology series by Daniel Kim

Finally, the Idea put forward by Dan was that no idea is truly original, however, I understand what he means in the sense that everybody gains inspiration from everybody else. Therefore following this logic no idea was ever original, this is due to the concept of understanding. When we understand things we build up a complex network in our mind of cause and effect. For example, if i touch fire i burn, therefore i learn that fire is dangerous. Later i might touch a heater and get burnt, thus I learn that heat can be dangerous.

However, even if i was the first man on earth to conclude that heat was dangerous this idea would still not be ‘original’ because its constructed of pre-existing elements (No pun intended). Therefore, the statement that no idea is original is quite ambiguous. It seems to state that there is nothing which hasn’t been invented, where as it should be saying – everything is inspired and has originated from other things.

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