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Dear Friends! I have gathered you here today to make a proposition, a proposition so grave that many of you will disregard it as foolish. Now, im sure many of you are aware with the word nepotism, however if you are not, I have provided the defenition below.

nepotism – the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.

My proposition is that we start using the term ‘Webotism’

webotism – a closed circuit environment of hyperlinks that keep a user experience within one website. ie.”keeping it in the fam”

This week during our tutorial we were playing a little click game. We basically started on any webpage that tickled our fancy, and then we clicked ALL THE THINGS – meaning we clicked around on links until we ended up somewhere interesting.  However, being me, i got slightly distracted and asked myself. “How long would it take for me to get from a random page – to a page about a topic of my choosing.  So i chose cats. Within 5 minutes of clicking around on links I traveled from Wikihow – How to be a Youtube Star all the way to Cat faces existential nightmare over electronic kitty bank. Basically, I succeeded.

But what we learn? and How does this link to Webotism?

Well – Lemme just say, it was incredibly difficult to leave that Wikihow website, all the links were kept internal; to other guides and profiles. The only way out was to find their social media, and even then they were sharing all their own links. Eventually I found the name of a random person who had commented on their post, using them as a springboard out of there and serendipitously landing on cat videos! YES!

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