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Preparing for Exhibition - Signal Arts, Melbourne

Yes, I know the title of this post makes me sound like a programmer, but no, Im not a programmer.

Today I met up with Dusty as part of the tech team to work on the final video export which will be handed over to Signal. This was a process that took much longer than expected. Thinking it would take 30mins to half an hour, we ended up spending about 3 hours working on the edit. We had to gather peoples footage from google drive and a hard drive, put it into a centralized location and then cut it into segments. After tediously splitting the clips into part 1,2,3 and 4; Dusty made me name them so that we would not forget who's they were and where they went. I complained bitterly about this but ended up thanking her later when it got confusing. Then we placed all the clips together paying close attention to the common themes, colours and visual styles. Ensuring that everybody’s work was spaced evenly throughout the presentation and that there was nothing missing. Finally we had a very near complete composition bar only a few straggling clips. The total thing came down to about 12 minutes when edited together.


Later on we added blank clips in between everything so that there was a pause. These were later removed once Robbie was consulted.

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