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The Man and His Ring

Amidst the absolute overload of information that is planning a wedding, one thing which I have particularly enjoyed is being able to chose a ring.

Although I am not a jewellery wearing person, it has dawned on me, partly due to the encouragement from my mother in law to be, that a married man simply must wear a wedding ring.

Not as a display of wealth, or even as a token of success, but simply as a reminder to himself and others that in his heart resides space for only one special somebody. (Possibly the gooeyest line I have ever blogged).

Which brings me to my next point. I'm Engaged! WoOps, forgot to mention that.

We never announced our engagement online, because we felt that there would be more enjoyment in individually calling and speaking to people to announce it, and then savouring their reactions. However now, two months later, it's way too awkward to make a public post. WoOps.

Back to the ring - what was I saying - oh yeah, I've enjoyed looking at rings. I've enjoyed looking at rings because it makes me feel like i'm growing up. I'm going to have to learn how to wear a ring, i'm going to have to become familiar with the weight and the wear, i'm about to realise what my father feels like.

Without being aware of it, all my life i have seen and heard my fathers wedding ring. I've become accustomed to the little noises it makes, the clap on the kitchen cupboard handles, the ring when he picks up a teacup, the tapping on the table while he sings. All these sounds which have embedded their way into my unconscious, quietly reminding me of the family i'm so grateful for.

So thats why i'm excited. I'm excited to carry on building what my father built, i'm excited to wear a ring and take on that responsibility. But most of all, i'm excited to tap the ring against a metal post at the hardware store and say to my son - "look at that, thats solid steel - wow, that will set you back quite a bit"... because thats what it is to be a man. Love you Dad.

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