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Video Self Portrait by Jordan Raj

For my final Self Portrait I simply built on the idea of Project brief 1 and consolidated it into a single video.

The original idea was to see myself though others – since my fundamental belief is that all humans are from the same source. I would take photos of other people doing the things that i do, preferably people who looked like me. I then recorded the sounds i hear and wrote a poem about my attitude. Together all these components were used to build the unique combination of elements that makes ‘me’.

The feedback i received after the first submission was that i could use the video to really portray the ‘me’ element. With this in mind i took videos of myself doing and experiencing the things that i had photographed, for example, the traveller faded into a video of me travelling.

I edited it together to make it clear that i was drawing parallels to other people, i did this by using fades and a voiceover. The voiceover was used not only to familiarise the audience with my voice but also to narrate and explain the other audio and the pictures.

I believe the video was an effective method to give a brief rounded idea of who i am, however it was quite challenging to work within the 1minute time limit. This meant that i was not able to go into much depth about where I’m from, or where i study. All the audience would know is that I’ve travelled and i study. I also believe that i could have filled in more black spaces of the video. However, i think not having any visual elements really helped the audience focus on the audio.

Overall, i think the concept of the project was quite strong but would do better with deeper exploration and discussion.

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