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Its 11pm on a cold Melbourne night and I find myself on a rooftop balcony in my underwear… How? Given that it is a full moon one could assume I am about to transform into a werewolf – but I would make a pretty wimpy werewolf. So I wasn’t invited to their party.

Well – let’s get some context…

After playing with probably the most enthusiastic dog in the universe; I find myself covered in 50 shades of Dog hair and drool. Shower time. I undress and grab my towel only to find the shower occupied by one of the other boys who I’m staying with. So naturally – I find a quiet place to wait and apply my wart medicine. Bedroom is out of the question as most people are already asleep, alas, I find myself on the balcony. Using my phone as a flashlight I set up camp; lay down my towel and start applying the “wart-off” to the sole of my foot (way to much information). The plan seems pretty much flawless at this point. And it was – until I spilt the “wart-off” onto the white towel which now has suspicious looking brown dots on it.

So why am I telling you this? Good Question. Well I realized while sitting sitting on my stained towel how hilarious that little moment of my life was. How that situation, however strange or uncomfortable, was not bad.

I suppose life is full of moments like this, where perspective is the most important element. Seeing things in a positive way, a funny way, perhaps even with a childish spring. Learning to enjoy the bumps in the road that could have slowed us down – but instead became a jump…


This story is dedicated to Ciccio, for the constant cheer he brings to every story

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