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Way Too Chilled About Online Privacy

Ive always said jokingly that I don’t really care about my own web privacy, because if anybody WANTS my information, they can have it – Im not really joking. Well, basically I would say that Im a trusting person, if a website tells me that my information is private, I believe it. But when it comes to public information I don’t mind it being out there. I am quite present on social media and the web in general, in fact I strive to be as active as possible, I try to post something on Instagram daily, even when im feeling lost for inspiration. This I suppose is a massive part of who I want to be.

Who do I want to be? Who am I currently? These are questions which I suppose are way overdue. On the web specifically, my main goal has always to be a personality, most notably a YouTuber. I started making YouTube videos in 2009 and since then Ive been working on refining my skills to make better YouTube videos. This goal means that I need to have a solid web presence, thus I try and stay active on other social media, in order to build an audience. I will discuss the Idea of building an audience some other time, but for now the most important thing is I have a goal…

I have added a Widget to the sidebar of this website that will always display the latest video I’ve released, additionally i'll try and post behind the scenes of any projects im working on. Within reason – because i don’t like the fact that any content on this blog gets creative commonized – which reminds me I should check on instagrams policy.

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